Why Should You Choose Root Canal Therapy?

At Taylor Street Dental, we understand how important it is to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Our team of professionals are here to provide general, cosmetic, and restorative procedures used to do just that! With the help of our team, patients can undergo treatments that can save their smile, including root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Also referred to by our team as endodontic therapy, root canal therapy is the treatment of a natural tooth to save it from requiring extractions. Drs. David Peck, Zachary Grillo, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui assist Springfield, MA area patients with root canal treatment. During this procedure, the dentist will access the inner canals of the natural tooth and remove the dental pulp from inside. This mass of tissues includes the nerves and blood supply that keep the tooth “alive.” After removal, the inner canals are disinfected and filled with gutta percha and sealed with composite resin bonding. Most patients also benefit from the placement of a dental crown over the tooth to strengthen it. The entire procedure can be done in one visit and allows patients to eliminate pain and discomfort.

Why choose root canal therapy?

In many cases, root canal therapy is done as a way to save the tooth from permanent removal. Instead of extracting a tooth and dealing with restorations such as partial dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants, patients can treat the tooth with root canal therapy and salvage the tooth structure. There are no other alternatives to this procedure outside of dental extractions. Patients who may require root canal therapy are those experiencing:

  • An abscess
  • Infection of the tooth
  • Large areas of decay
  • Damage/trauma to the dental pulp
  • Inflammation of dental pulp

How much does root canal therapy cost?

During a consultation visit with our team, patients can have their natural tooth assessed to determine if it can be saved with root canal therapy. Our front office team will also ensure the procedure is affordable by applying the patient’s dental insurance coverage to their treatment and arranging financial payment plans if necessary on the remaining amount due.

Speak to Taylor Street Dental about root canal therapy

Drs. David Peck, Zachary Grillo, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui of Springfield, MA are available to assist patients with dental solutions such as root canal therapy. Our endodontic team can be seen with a consultation appointment made at the practice by calling (413) 781-7645.

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