When Should I Seek Treatment for Bruxism?

When patients visit their dentist and are told they have bruxism, they may not be aware of what this condition is and  how it impact their oral health. Bruxism is the name of a condition that causes patients to clench and grind their teeth. This clenching and grinding may occur only at night in their sleep, or throughout the day. It is sometimes connected to higher levels of stress, though this is not the only cause. Patients with bruxism will often notice that they wake up in the morning with a headache or a sore jaw. They may be at the dentist’s office for broken teeth or restorations with no known cause. They may also be well aware that they clench and grind during the day, but do so unconsciously and without control. Patients who visit Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA and are told they have bruxism should ask their dentist about treatments.

Treatment for bruxism

As soon as this condition has been diagnosed, patients should work with a dentist to find a treatment option that works. The most common and reliable treatment is oral appliance therapy. This is when patients wear a special plastic mouthguard at night to cushion the tension of the jaw and reduce the risk of jaw tension or headaches. It can also protect the upper and lower arch of teeth from damage caused by strong clenching and grinding. Patients who have bruxism due to increased stress in their work or personal lives can also contribute to treatment by eliminating or managing their stress better. This can reduce episodes of clenching and grinding and allow patients to go about their day without the use of a mouth guard. However, most cases of bruxism are effectively treat with oral appliance therapy alone.

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