When are dental x-rays necessary?

Black man dentist and woman patient looking at xray pictureDental x-rays are just one of many tools used by Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo of Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA. Learn more about dental x-rays and how they are utilized by our dental team will help you in realizing their importance.

How are dental x-ray images used by a dentist?

Dentists use dental x-ray images to help them diagnose problems with patients’ teeth and gums. The images can also be used to plan treatment, such as dental surgery for the placement of dental implants or to surgical remove teeth with dental extractions.

When are dental x-rays necessary?

Dental x-rays are a crucial part of dental care. They allow dentists to look inside your teeth and gums to detect any oral health problems. Depending on the type of x-ray, they can be used to identify the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, or bone loss. Because they can detect these issues early on, dental x-rays are necessary to prevent more serious complications later. In addition, some dentists recommend getting an x-ray every six months to stay on top of any potential issues.

Other times, however, dental x-rays may be recommended if there is cause for concern about your overall oral health. If you have experienced pain or discomfort in your mouth, or if you have noticed a change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite down, then it is likely that a dental x-ray may be necessary.

Do you have concerns about dental x-ray imaging?

If you are concerned about dental x-rays, talk to your dentist about any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, he or she can provide more information about how x-rays work and why they are an important part of his or her approach to dentistry. With clear communication and good preventive care, there is no reason for dental anxiety to prevent you from getting the treatments you need, and understanding the amount of radiation exposure will help you make an educated decision regarding moving forward with dental imaging.

How do I learn more about dental x-rays?

The team at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, are dedicated to helping patients with their oral healthcare needs and can provide dental imaging through x-ray. If you live in the community and want to learn more, call the office at 413-781-7645.

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