What your Dentist is Really all about

damaged teethIf you were to judge dentistry based on what a vast majority of the population says (“I hate seeing the dentist!”), chances are you would have bad taste in your mouth before you ever sat in the chair. It is an unfortunate problem in our country – this apprehension that people feel. It can keep you from enjoying a lifetime of oral health, but it doesn’t have to. We want to suggest a few thoughts that may change your mind about your dentist.

  1. A healthy mouth is part of a healthy body. The two go hand in hand. It’s hard to maintain healthy gums and teeth when the body is not well. Likewise, research has demonstrated a clear correlation between infection in the mouth and bacteria elsewhere in the body, such as the heart.
  2. A checkup and cleaning are better than urgent dental care. Can you imagine meeting a new dentist for the first time when you need a root canal? Not. Very. Pleasant. An alternative that we suggest is to find a family dentist that you like. Then, schedule a routine checkup and cleaning. If by some off chance, you experience a dental emergency, you will know where to go, and who will be treating you!
  3. The dentist is not a “bad guy.” If you listen to the hype spread by people who hate (fear) the dentist, you might envision this professional as some cartoon monster rather than an individual who is incredibly interested in oral health. The truth is dentists like helping people. It is our goal to help our patients avoid pain, not to put them in it!
  4. But there’s that one guy . . . If you have seen a dentist that you feel did not treat you well, this may be the thought in your head as you read this. Here’s the thing. It is possible for some patients to have poor experiences with individual dentists. That does not mean that every dentist they might see would be just as bad. We would love the opportunity to show you how gentle, friendly, and efficient dental care can be.

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