What to do when a cavity is detected

It is not uncommon for cavities to appear in the smile. In fact, studies have shown that approximately 90% of adults have had a cavity at some point during their life. When patients are told they have a cavity, they may be unsure as to the best way to proceed. In most situations, the dentist at Taylor Street Dental will diagnose the condition based on the severity of the cavity, which in turn will determine the best possible treatment option.

What is a cavity?

A cavity, or tooth decay, is best described as a hole in a tooth that has been caused by acids remaining on the natural tooth enamel. These acids may also contribute to the development of bacteria that can cause a co-existing condition known as periodontal disease. A cavity cannot be reversed.

What are the treatment options available for cavities?

Patients who have a cavity will work with their dentist to determine the most effective treatment for the stage at which the condition has reached. Earlier stages of cavities are treated using fillings. Fillings are completed with a material known as composite resin. This material is safe and effective at filling and sealing cavities to restore the function of the tooth and keep the cavity from worsening. However, if patients have very large cavities that impact the tooth’s structure, an alternative solution may include root canal therapy. The inner canals of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned after the removal of dental pulp, and are filled with gutta percha. The tooth is then sealed with composite resin and in many cases, the placement of a dental crown. Without root canal therapy, patients may be facing the permanent extraction of their adult tooth to restore the smile.

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The team of Taylor Street Dental is here to help with a wide range of preventative and general dentistry solutions. If you have been diagnosed with a cavity, it is vital that you seek effective treatment as soon as possible to avoid further problems and damage to the smile. Our practice is located in Springfield, MA and can be reached by phone at (413) 781-7645.

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