What symptoms may develop that warrant the need for root canal therapy?

A toothache is a common sign of a problem. It may be the result of injury to a tooth, a deep cavity, or infection. Toothaches are not normal and need to be evaluated by a professional to determine the cause of the problem and the most effective solution. In some instances, a patient may find out that they could benefit from root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Also referred to as endodontic therapy, root canal therapy is not as scary as patients might think. This procedure, which actually resolves pain and doesn’t cause it, is commonly done to keep a tooth from needing to be permanently extracted. During this oral procedure, the dentist will start with proper anesthetics and sedation to ensure the patient is comfortable. The dentist accesses the inner canals of the tooth by making a small hole in the enamel. The inner canals of the tooth are cleaned out with the removal of the dental pulp. The area is disinfected to ensure all bacteria is gone before sealing the tooth with gutta percha and then composite resin bonding. If the tooth is near the back of the mouth, such as a molar, it will often be covered with a dental crown on top to protect it from further damage and offer an extra layer of protection against trauma or strong biting forces. The procedure is complete, and patients can continue to enjoy their natural tooth without having to deal with tooth replacement options.

When might I need one?

In most cases, patients who have a problem that can be addressed with root canal therapy will often experience a toothache that cannot be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Patients will need to be evaluated by a dentist to determine the cause of their pain and discuss treatment options.

Do you believe you have a problem that requires root canal therapy?

Discuss your needs with our dental team at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA to find out the benefits of root canal therapy to save a natural tooth from extraction. Call (413) 781-7645 to request an appointment with our team of professionals at 41 Taylor Street on the fourth floor. We are open to new and current families and patients!

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