What Can I Eat and Drink While Undergoing Invisalign® Treatment?

Young woman at dentist's, Invisalign orthodonticsInvisalign® is a popular way for many of the patients at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, to improve the alignment of their teeth and close gaps and other imperfections in their smiles. However, many patients have questions about what they can and cannot eat and drink during treatment. Because the Invisalign® trays are removable, there are fewer restrictions than with alternative orthodontic treatments such as metal wire and bracket braces.

What Can I Eat and Drink While Undergoing Invisalign® Treatment?

  • Eating and drinking while wearing Invisalign® aligners is not recommended, as food particles can become trapped between your teeth and the aligners. It is vital that you avoid eating or drinking any foods that could potentially stain your aligners or damage them in any way. We strongly suggest that you remove your aligners before each meal or snack time. After you eat and drink, be sure to brush and floss your teeth before re-inserting your aligners.
  • You should also try to avoid sugary drinks like soda, juice, sports drinks, etc., as these can increase the risk of cavities during treatment. Additionally, it is essential to minimize snacking between meals in order to prevent food from getting stuck in your aligners. Sticky, chewy foods should also be avoided as these can damage the fit of the aligners and delay treatment progress.
  • Drinking plenty of water is very important while undergoing Invisalign® treatment, as it helps to keep your mouth moist and prevents bacteria from building up. Additionally, drinking water can help reduce any discomfort or soreness associated with wearing the aligners as well. If you do choose to drink other beverages during treatment, make sure they are sugar-free and clear in color so that they won’t stain your aligners. However, if possible, we still recommend that you remove the aligners before consuming any liquids to reduce the risk of damaging your Invisalign® aligners or staining them.

How Do I Find Out if Invisalign® Is Right for Me?

Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo of Taylor Street Dental encourage you to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation to determine if you are a good fit for Invisalign® aligners. Our team of professionals can examine your smile and decide if realignment is possible using clear aligners or if you need a referral to an orthodontist to manage more severe and complex realignment cases. Call 413-781-7645 to schedule your consultation appointment at our Springfield, MA, office.

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