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cosmetic/general dentistry Springfield & Longmeadow, MAWe love serving the patients who visit our Springfield office and continually foster trusting relationships by providing friendly service that revolves around the individual. Our years in dental practice, preceded by years of training, have taught us the skills we need to treat a wide variety of dental conditions. But this is not what makes dentistry special. To serve our patients means that we see each of them and that we take the time to look for risks associated with their stage of life.

There are particular dental concerns that can become more prevalent as we age. If we’re not careful, they may cost us our comfort and peace of mind. A few of the risks that we keep a watchful eye on include:

Bone Loss

Many women, as they age, are warned to take steps to protect their bones. Women have a particular risk for osteoporosis and can support overall bone health by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and by supplementing with calcium and vitamin D., It is not often discussed that vitamin D is necessary for the proper uptake of calcium in the body. Why do we mention bone loss as a dental problem? Because our teeth also rely on calcium for strength, and because teeth rely on the healthy bone for stability.

Dry Mouth

Many older adults struggle with this problem. Xerostomia commonly occurs in conjunction with health conditions such as Parkinson’s and diabetes. Certain medications may also inhibit the production of saliva, which is the basis of dry mouth. This is a condition that needs consistent management. One of the easiest ways to reduce the unpleasantness of dry mouth is to sip water all day. Just remember to stop at dinner time, or before, to get a good night’s sleep. Dry mouth may also be somewhat relieved by chewing sugarless gum. Dental care may also need to increase when saliva is perpetually low. Without adequate moisture in the mouth, there is a greater chance for bacteria to cause decay and inflammation.


Older teeth have seen their fair share of action. They’ve chewed, they’ve bitten, and they may have been damaged from time to time. The degradation of enamel is a natural byproduct of living. The consequence of this wear is dullness and discoloration. There is nothing saying that there should be an age limit for a glowing smile. Regardless of your age, you can consider teeth whitening or even porcelain veneers to add new life to your smile.

In our Springfield office, we strive to provide the kind of conscientious dental care that will help you head dental problems off at the pass. To schedule your consultation and cleaning, call (413) 781-7645.

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