Understanding Dental Cleanings and Their Purpose

At the practice of Taylor Street Dental, Springfield, MA area patients can obtain the care they need to improve the overall health and appearance of the smile. However, it is also important that patients visit their dentist regularly to have their teeth cleaned by one of our dental hygienists.

Why dental cleanings?

While patients need to take care of their smile each day by brushing and flossing their teeth after every meal, there is still importance in professional dental cleanings. Dental cleanings allow our team of professionals to use specialized instruments that can help reach hard-to-reach areas of the smile, including the areas further in the back of the mouth. At the same time, while patients are having their teeth cleaned and polished by our staff, it allows our team to look for signs of disease or decay that may impact their oral health. If any of these concerns are spotted during the cleaning, Dr. Rey Martinez will evaluate the issue further and decide if treatment is necessary.

How often should I clean my teeth at home?

Home dental health care is the foundation of a healthy smile. Patients need to remove sugars and acids from the surfaces of the teeth and gums to avoid the development of dental disease and decay. Additionally, flossing can be performed to remove food particles that can get stuck in-between the teeth. When patients have a snack or a meal, they are encouraged to immediately brush and floss their teeth to remove anything from the surfaces of the smile that can contribute to poor dental health. The American Dental Association encourages patients to schedule an examination and dental cleaning with their dental professional at least twice a year, in addition to following a strict at-home dental regimen.

Are you ready to start taking good care of your smile?

Contact the team at Taylor Street Dental to learn more about the advantages of dental cleanings and routine visits with our dentists. Call the office at (413) 781-7645 and visit our office at 41 Taylor Street 4th Floor to discuss proactive and preventative care.

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