Types of Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are extremely serious no matter what part of your mouth is affected by the cancer. It’s important that you visit your dentist and your doctor regularly in order to be properly screened and so you can raise any concerns you may have about pain or discomfort in the mouth. In fact, any time you have a growth or experience anything that causes you worry, do not hesitate to speak with your general health care provider and dental health provider so your issues can be addressed as soon as possible. When you come to visit Springfield, MA cosmetic dentist Dr. David Peck, he will be sure to perform thorough dental health checks to ensure you are well looked after.

While what follows will not be a thorough enumeration of all the oral cancers you can contract, we will go over some of the more common ones that people face.

Tongue Cancer
While it is a rare cancer in general, tongue cancer is one of the more common forms of oral cancer that a person may face. Tongue cancer will usually start as a small sore or lesion on the tongue. If you notice one that does not heal within two weeks, be sure to meet with your doctor or dentist.

Gum Cancer
There are many reasons why you should monitor your gums for any sores or lesions that do not heal or any pain while chewing. One reason is that those may be early symptoms of gum cancer. Keep note of excessive bleeding or swelling of the gums as well.

Palate Cancer
The upper palate in your mouth is also susceptible to cancer, which is why it’s so important to note any pain or unusual growths in that part of the mouth as well.

Salivary Gland Cancer
As you probably know by now, film critic Roger Ebert has battled thyroid cancer for some time now. The cancer spread to his salivary glands and jaw, which required the removal of his lower jaw and consequently made him unable to speak.

Jaw Cancer
Jaw cancer, as alluded to above, can be quite serious, whether it originates in the jaw or occurs due to the spread of cancer from another part of the body. Removal of the lower jaw may be necessary in some cases to halt its spread.

If you need more information on treating oral cancers as well as more rudimentary dental treatments such as cleanings and Springfield, MA dental fillings, make sure to contact our Springfield, MA cosmetic dentistry office.

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