Traveling? Ramp-Up Your Dental Travel Kit

dental travel kitLate summer vacations are wonderful. And It will soon be time to travel to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. You wouldn’t leave home without your favorite P.J’s or dancing shoes…you shouldn’t leave home without packing these four essential oral hygiene tools:

  1. Brush and Paste. Certainly the most obvious tools to include in your oral health travel kit are a travel toothpaste and toothbrush. Easily foldable and ready to pack in a carry-on bag, these are your two oral “must-haves.”
  2. Flossers. Important for you and especially so if you’re traveling with children, flossers are an easy, ready-to-grab, must-have for vacations. Easily stored in your pocket or purse, flossers are the best way to rid your teeth of excess food and built-up plaque without having to pull out a string of floss. (But don’t forget to throw in a package of floss, too).
  3. Mouthwash. For international travel, mouthwash is a must. After 5-plus hours of sleeping on an airplane, the bacteria in your mouth can build-up, leaving your breath feeling slightly less than fresh. Pack a small bottle of mouthwash and use the airplane bathroom to freshen up before you land. And, if you don’t have time to return to your Airbnb during the day, mouthwash can act as an immediate toothbrush, freshening your breath and ridding it of bacteria that have built up throughout the day.
  4. Sugar-Free Gum. This is not as crazy as it may sound. First of all, chewing gum alleviates that plugged-ear feeling when taking off and landing. And a pack of gum in your oral health travel kit helps with your ability to produce saliva – combating dry mouth, and giving your mouth a fresh taste and feel. By the way, sugar-free gum may also reduce the production of cavities.

Traveling can be stressful; packing even more so. Having a list of must-haves can be a lifesaver. From flossers to sugar-free gum, pack and go and have fun!

To learn more about combating cavities and gum disease, or to discuss any oral health concerns you may have, call to schedule an appointment, today: (413) 781-7645.

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