Tooth Replacement Options Available to Patients at Taylor Street Dental

Restorative DentistryRestoring the smile may seem like a daunting task. When tooth loss strikes, many patients are overwhelmed at the choices available to them for replacing these teeth and getting their smile back. With the help of the team at Taylor Street Dental, patients can take the time to learn about their options and choose the one best for their unique needs and lifestyle.

Tooth restoration options

Drs. David Peck, Zachary Grillo, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui are pleased to offer the following solutions for tooth replacement:

  • Dentures – dentures come in two varieties, including partial and full. Patients with one or several teeth missing within the dental arch would be better suited for a partial denture, which replaces the teeth by using a special metal and acrylic framework that snaps into place. It utilizes the existing teeth to hold it firmly in place and can restore function and beauty.
  • Dental bridge – a bridge helps to “bridge the gap” left behind by the missing tooth. This restoration uses porcelain to fabricate the final piece, which uses the adjacent teeth to hold the restoration in place. The false tooth will rest in place. Dental bridges are more permanent than a partial denture, but do not cost as much as other options such as a dental implant.
  • Dental implant – another choice is that of the dental implant. This titanium restoration is utilized as a tooth root replacement, and can be restored over the top in a variety of ways. Dental implants can replace a single tooth with a dental crown over the abutment, or may be used along the dental arch to anchor and stabilize a full denture for optimum strength and functionality.

Are you ready to restore your smile?

Contact Drs. David Peck, Zachary Grillo, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui to learn about the advantages of choosing from a variety of tooth replacement options at Taylor Street Dental. Our practice is located at 41 Taylor Street on the 4th floor and can be reached for an appointment at (413) 781-7645. We accept new and existing patients form in and around the area of Springfield, MA.

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