‘Tis the Season for Sweets, Treats… and Tooth Decay?

The holiday season is finally here and nearly everyone is tempted to indulge in pastries, desserts, chocolates, candies, and all types of sweets imaginable. Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, we encourage our clients, both the young and the old, to mindfully consider their consumption of sweets this holiday season for their teeth’s sake. You do not have to quit the chocolate and bonbons altogether, sticking to a few our tips below will surely do the trick!

1. Stay away from “sticky” situations, that is sweets that tend to stick to your teeth. Candies and other sweets stay for a long while in your mouth and will surely increase your risk of tooth decay as the sugars found in these sweets are food to bacteria! You do not want to feed the bacteria in your mouth, right?

2. Limit your intake of highly sugary drinks such as sodas. Skip the soft drinks during holiday parties and choose water instead. You are not only doing your teeth a favor but your waistline as well.

3. Choose sugar-free options as much as possible.

4. Chew sugarless gums after meals. It has been shown that chewing sugarless gums for 20 minutes after meals could reduce your risk of tooth decay due to increased salivary production. Saliva, by and large, neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria in your mouth which increase post-meals. Acids destroy your teeth’s enamel, making you more prone to tooth decay.

5. Drink water in between sweets!

In addition, we encourage you to stickd to your oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing. Would you like to learn more about taking care of your oral health this holiday season?  If you live around the Springfield or Boston, Massachusetts area, schedule an initial consultation with our dental team.  Call us at (413) 241-3264 or fill out this contact form. Dr. David Peck is known for results!


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