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Dental patients of all ages, backgrounds and experiences may find themselves less than comfortable when sitting in the dental chair. Sometimes this is because the patient has had a bad experience in the past, or perhaps they’ve never been to the dentist before and are nervous about the entire visit. Often, patients who are experiencing sudden or intense pain are nervous when they visit the dentist simply because they do not know what is wrong and what treatment will be required.

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Because of the widespread anxiety associated with dental visits and some patients’ fear of painful treatment, Dr. David Peck is happy to offer sedation dentistry to help his patients relax. If you require a tooth restoration such as a cavity filling or root canal and have a fear of needles or hate the sound of a dental drill, consider relaxation sedation services on your next visit.

Sedation dentistry not only allows otherwise troubled patients to relax in the dental chair but also saves them time and money by allowing them to complete their dental work in one stress-free visit. Often, anxious patients that are not assisted with relaxation or sedation must spread their treatment out over two visits just to manage their own stress levels. This means payment for two visits and two appointments away from work or school.

Before undergoing sedative dentistry it is important that you notify your dentist of any other mediations that you are currently taking. While the mild sedatives used for relaxation dentistry are completely safe, we always want to make sure they do not interact with other medications you may be taking.

Because there are different ways to achieve relaxation during a dental procedure, such as the administration of oral medications or the use of nitrous oxide, patients should discuss their concerns with their dentist. He or she will then determine the most appropriate relaxation treatment for that unique patient.

Contact Taylor Street Dental Associates today to learn more about sedation dentistry and never fear the dental chair again.

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