Could I Really Need Sinus Surgery?

Many dental patients do not expect to hear the words “sinus surgery” when visiting their dentist’s office. However, sinus surgery is actually a very effective means for supporting dental devices such as dental implants.

Sinus Surgery, Springfield MADr. David Peck is experienced and well trained in performing sinus surgery on a variety of patients. The goal of dental sinus surgery is to add more bone to the upper jaw, allowing the patient to undergo placement of dental implants. These types of bone grafts give Dr. Peck more options for accurately placing your dental implants, thereby replacing missing teeth.

The bone that is added to your upper jaw can come from many sources, including synthetic materials or using bone from the patient themselves. In most instances where sinus surgery is required, the bone will be grafted first, and then after fully healing the dental implants can be placed. The healing process can take as long as six months, making the complete process quite lengthy unless Dr. Peck determines that you can receive both a bone graft and dental implants in the same procedure.

All incisions will be placed inside your mouth, and made through the upper gum tissue. Recovery typically takes between three and six months.

To learn more about how Dr. Peck can use sinus surgery to rebuild your smile, contact Taylor Street Dental Associates today.

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