A Quick Look on Root Canal Treatments (And How It Could Help Save Your Tooth!)

At the mention of root canal treatments, most of our patients here at our Massachusetts root canal practice will express anxiety or apprehension on whether or not they should really have the procedure. We do not really blame such initial reactions; after all, root canal treatments are perceived as painful. But here’s the thing, the idea of such procedure involving lots of pain is more or less a myth!

We understand that a bit of background about the procedure can help alleviate fears associated with root canal treatment. Knowing what will happen ahead of time will certainly make your more at ease about the procedure. Thus, we provide you with a quick look on what a root canal treatment is like.

  • Initially, an anesthetic agent will be applied to the area that will be operated on. This will numb the tooth and its surrounding area thus the absence of pain.

  • A tiny opening on your tooth’s chewing surface will be made to gain access to your infected pulp. Tiny instruments will be inserted to remove dying and dead pulp tissues. The root canals  will also be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for filling.

  • After being filled with bio-compatible material, the tooth is then coated  and sealed with adhesive cement to prevent future infection.

Painless Root Canal Treatment in Springfield, Massachusetts

Dr. David Peck can usually complete your root canal and Cerec® restoration in one visit.  If you live around the Springfield or Boston, Massachusetts area, schedule an initial consultation with our dental team.  Call us at (413) 241-3264 or fill out this contact form. Dr. David Peck is known for results!


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