Have You put Root Canal Therapy into This Box?

Root Planing Springfield, MAYou may have heard the term “root canal” in movies or in stories that circulate through the grapevine. To have a root canal, you may think, is to really go through it; to really endure something unpleasant. If this is the perception you have of root canal therapy, you may suffer needless stress and fear should you be told you need this treatment.

Did you know that the first root canal procedure was performed more than a century ago? In fact, the root canal was initially developed back in the mid-1800s. Think of how much everything has changed since that time. We drive cars now! We watch television – and in high-definition, at that. When you consider the many ways that life has improved over time, you might be able to challenge the age-old view of root canal as a restorative procedure.

The Pain Question

We don’t like the idea of pain any more than you do. When we suggest root canal therapy, it is usually because a patient is already in a fair amount of pain. The toothache that often comes before root canal treatment stems from infection at the central area of the tooth, where nerves lie. To get rid of pain, the infected tissue must be removed, and that includes the roots of the tooth.

The root canal procedure is performed with local anesthetic, just like if you were to get a filling. Most people do not observe filling treatment as a barbaric procedure! So, root canal therapy also deserves to be taken out of this box. Also, in our Springfield office, we can incorporate sedation dentistry techniques to further improve the process of repairing a damaged tooth.

To Repair or Remove, that is the Question

Historically, root canals have been successful at restoring teeth after deep infection. However, there has been a relatively new theory that it may be better to remove a tooth than to repair it. Generally speaking, the removal of natural tooth structure leads to problems we’d rather avoid, such as the shifting of teeth or the loss of bone tissue. Keeping the natural tooth and filling root canals with inert material that lasts many years has provided millions of people with a safe and effective solution.

We would love to help you avoid the need for root canal therapy, and invite you to schedule a checkup and cleaning with our friendly staff. It is also important that we provide you with truthful information about relevant treatments. Root canal therapy, if it were needed, is nothing to fear.

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