Protect Your Smile With a Mouth Guard

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Do you experience a dull pain in your jaw just after waking up? Have you begun to notice subtle erosion to the surface of your teeth? Do you play sports and fear that a dental injury is inevitable?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions it may be time for you to ask your dentist about the benefits of a mouth guard. A mouth guard is made of thin, flexible plastic and fits snuggly over your teeth to protect them from damage. This may be damage that you inflict on your own teeth by clenching your jaws or other nighttime movements, or a mouth guard can protect you from injury during contact sports or other potentially high impact activities.

No matter which use you choose a mouth guard for, it is important to consult a dentist before being fitted for any dental device, including a mouth guard. In many cases you may be able to purchase an inexpensive mouth guard from a sporting goods store and fit it to your own mouth at home by boiling it in water to soften it. However, for patients with jaw pain, teeth grinding issues and other dental concerns your dentist may prefer to fit you with a more precise device.

The most common reasons you may need a specially fitted mouth guard include TMJ treatment, the protection of porcelain veneers and other dental restorations, and stopping you from grinding your teeth.

If you believe that a mouth guard may be useful to alleviate your dental pain or to protect your teeth from damage, contact Taylor Street Dental Associates today.

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