Preventative dentistry services

At My Great Smile, our team of providers is always focused on providing the best possible care for patients. In addition, our dentists, including Drs. David Peck, Pablo Velastegui, and Mahmoud Homsi, are dedicated to ensuring patients prevent conditions before they become damaging—and expensive to address! With our help, many patients are able to maintain good oral health and wellness while taking great care of their smile at home between recall appointments.

What preventative services are available?

We are pleased to provide a selection of preventative solutions for our patients to consider when visiting us for their routine appointments.

Below is a small list of preventative and general dentistry services we offer:

  • Dental imaging – with the use of x-rays, our team is able to evaluate the health of the smile even below the gumline where a physical examination cannot spot. X-rays give us the opportunity to diagnose cavities, infection, impacted teeth, and other problems that might occur within the smile.
  • Dental examinations – every six months, patients should be visiting the dentist for a routine evaluation. Examinations include a physical evaluation of the smile to check for early signs of cavities or gum disease. If any of these conditions are diagnosed, our team will provide services to help reverse the problem and bring the smile back to health.
  • Dental cleanings – our dental hygienists provide a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums during routine visits as well, to remove plaque, tartar, calculus, and other issues that may impact oral health.
  • Fluoride treatment and sealants – for patients who are more susceptible to cavities and periodontal disease, we may provide fluoride treatments and sealants as an extra layer of protection against common dental concerns.

Contact the team at My Great Smile

Aside from offering a wide range of dental services, we also accept most dental insurance plans of patients at our convenient office location in Springfield, MA. Call us today at (413) 781-7645 so we can help you achieve and maintain great oral health and wellness while focusing on aesthetics and preventative care, too! We are conveniently located at 41 Taylor Street, Fourth Floor, and accept new and established patients and families.

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