Missing Dental Visits Costs You This . . .

general Dentistry Springfield & Longmeadow, MADental appointments seem to circle faster than we expect. If you keep up with your visits to the dentist, you may receive your appointment reminder and think, “already?” This is a good thing, but the process doesn’t always go like this. Far too often, we see life get in the way of people’s ability to maintain their dental visits. Initially, it may not seem like a big deal to let a dental appointment slip by. The next opportunity will be right around the corner, right? Maybe not.

What we often hear from patients who have seen the dentist for years is that they never intended to be away so long. They thought they would catch up with dental care, but something just stood in their way. After missing one appointment, there is a chance that fear will set in. What will be found at the next visit? Will the dentist give a lecture for missing the last appointment? Why does that tooth hurt all the time? These thoughts can create an unnecessary sense of anxiety that then becomes the primary obstacle to obtaining dental care. We’d like to put a stop to this.

Take Your Power Back

We value patient comfort and want to empower you to feel optimally comfortable during your dental visits. If dental anxiety is one of the factors that has kept you away from the dental office, tell us! We offer a variety of relaxation and sedation techniques to reduce treatment-related stress.

You know that dental visits are an excellent way to take care of your whole body. We’d like to suggest that these visits are also empowering because they help you get to know your mouth. A comprehensive consultation, exam, and cleaning sets a baseline that will enable you to quickly sense when something may not be right. The knowledge of your baseline can also reassure you that, if you were to experience sensations like sensitivity, there is a good chance whatever is behind this problem is mild.

Let’s Talk about Dental Stress

Dental care can be stressful, and concerns related to the idea of dental visits worsens the longer you wait. If you’ve avoided the dental office, you probably know this. Here’s what we want you to know: when you maintain a schedule of six-month recall visits, there is very little that can develop in between these appointments. Therefore, you have a much better idea of what to expect during each exam and cleaning and, because of this, feel much less anxiety about the whole process.

Your Springfield dentist can help you create a new perception of dental care. Call (413) 781-7645 to see how.

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