Massachusetts Snoring Treatment: What’s Making You Snore?

Snoring amongst couples is identified as one of the factors which negatively affect relationships, leading to serious marital troubles. Apart from relationship blues, chronic snoring has also been revealed to potentially increase one’s chances of developing stroke. Now, these negative effects may urge you to take a closer look on your snoring habits at night. Our Massachusetts dental team led by Dr. Peck could help you figure out the root cause of your constant snoring as well as figure the right treatment modality for you.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Snoring occurs as a result of a variety of factors — from nasal anatomy to alcohol consumption. Dr. Peck will thoroughly assess and review your medical history to help you and your partner have a snore-free night.

Possible Causes of Snoring

1. Lack of Exercise and Overeating – You are most likely to increase your fat stores in the neck area if you are overweight and anyone with a fat neck is most likely to snore. The fatty portion of the neck will most likely squeeze the airway and prevent the air from flowing freely.

2. Smoking – Cigarette smoke irritates the throat and its lining making it difficult for the smoker to breathe due to nasal congestion. Passive smoking could even have the same effect on the respiratory passages.

3. Alcohol and Sleeping Pills – Both alcohol and sleeping pills are muscle relaxants hence the greater the likelihood of your oropharynx musculature to relax and interfere with breathing.

4. Sleeping Position – Several studies have shown that people who sleep in supine (back) position are more likely to snore that those who sleep on their side.

5. Allergies – The lining of the throat and nose will most likely swell in cases of respiratory allergies from exposure to dust, pet hair, indoor plants and flowers, tobacco smoke, paint smells, and perfumes.

Other known causes of snoring include people who tend to breathe with their mouths and those with collapsing or small nostrils.

Massachusetts Snoring Treatment

You might want to visit Dr. Peck for an initial consultation and discussion of your Massachusetts snoring treatment options. If you live around the Springfield or Boston , Massachusetts area, schedule an initial consultation with us! Call us at (413) 241-3264 or fill out this contact form. Dr. David Peck is known for results!


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