How to keep your dental implants for a lifetime

Your dental implant has been placed and restored—congratulations! It can be exciting to know that you have safely and effectively restored your smile with a long-lasting, durable solution. Many patients love that they can enjoy all their favorite foods and smile with confidence after the placement of dental implants. But what do you do to keep them clean and functional?

It makes sense that patients would want to learn about the ways in which they can maintain their new investment. Below are a few recommendations that our team at My Great Smile will suggest in ensuring longevity in their new tooth replacement option:

  • Follow instructions from your dentist. When you have dental implants placed, your dentist at My Great Smile will make recommendations regarding ways to take care of the dental implant. We want our patients to enjoy their dental implants for a lifetime, so it is important that you follow recommendations and orders by the dentist.
  • Brush and floss each day, paying special attention to your implants. While the titanium root of your dental implant will not decay, it can still be affected by periodontal disease. This is because periodontal disease can cause the loss of jaw bone that supports it. Without the proper support, the dental implant can fail.
  • Visit the dentist regularly, and be sure to make an appointment at any point you have concerns. Being proactive about your oral health is the best way to take care of your smile AND your implant! The American Dental Association recommends that everyone visit the dentist at least every six months for a routine cleaning and examination. Maintaining these visits is the best way to extend the life of your dental implants and the other elements of your smile!

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Maintaining dental implants requires patients to be proactive in their oral health and wellness, and visit their dentist regularly for evaluations and cleanings. If you reside in the area of Springfield and want to work with our team at My Great Smile, contact us by calling our facility at (413) 781-7645 and scheduling an appointment at our facility, located on the fourth floor at 41 Taylor Street.

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