The Hot and Cold of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth in Springfield, MAHot drinks. Cold Drinks. Both can be problematic if you have sensitive teeth. If you experience shooting pain or a dull sensation of pain when you drink beverages “of a certain temperature,” you are probably suffering from sensitive teeth. The same goes with foods. If you aren’t able to enjoy an ice cream cone without pain, you should consult your dentist and schedule a comprehensive dental exam. Here are a few things to consider before your appointment:

Desensitizing Toothpaste. If the pain and discomfort associated with hot and cold beverages or foods is an occasional thing, you may want to try a desensitizing toothpaste. They are readily available at drugstores and pharmacies, and are designed to block the transmission between the pain sensation and the nerve.

Fluoride Gel. Fluoride gel is applied by your dentist as an in-office dental procedure. The gel is placed on the teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and lower their sensitivity to foods and beverages.

Dental Crown. Tooth sensitivity is commonly caused by decay. It may also be caused by the erosion of tooth enamel due to eating too many acidic foods or over-whitening your teeth. If your tooth sensitivity is caused by tooth decay, your dentist will likely cover your tooth with a dental crown to prevent the further spread of decay.

Root Canal. Depending on the severity of your pain and following an exam, your dentist may recommend a root canal. Root canals involve completely removing the root nerve, treating the exposed tissue and covering it with a dental crown.

Sensitive teeth are definitely a nuisance. But it’s good to know that there are several ways to treat this problem once it is diagnosed. At Taylor Street Dental, our first priority is your oral health. If you have sensitive teeth, we invite you to call our office to schedule an appointment, today. The holiday season will soon be upon us. Let us help you get your tooth sensitivity under control so that you can fully enjoy those yummy holiday meals: (413) 781-7645.

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