Hitting the Road? Here’s How to be Good to your Smile!

general dentistry Springfield, MA Summer has arrived with a bang. Fourth of July celebrations are just around the corner and are likely to be followed by road trips, long flights, and countless nights under the stars. Travel and gatherings with family and friends are part of the appeal of summertime, and we hope that all of our patients can make the most of the warm weather and time off. At the same time, we are not blind to the fact that busy summer schedules can create chaos, and that can mean dropping the ball when it comes to oral health. Here, we offer up a few steps that you can take to manage your smile no matter where the road takes you.

  1. Plan ahead. There are so many things to think about before hitting the highway, even if it’s just for a day. If a road trip is in your future, or even a day at the pool, give some consideration to healthy snack options. Far too often, we fall victim to the ease of processed and fast foods when away from home. This is easy to avoid. Just pack a basket or cooler with healthy snacks like cucumber slices, celery, watermelon, strawberries, and apples. These summertime fruits pack a punch due to their water content and their crunchiness, which cleans teeth and encourages saliva production.
  2. Seize the opportunity to sip. A water bottle could be your best friend during the summer, and any time of year. Research has demonstrated significant benefits of sipping water every few minutes, rather than pounding a full glass once or twice a day. Water washes over teeth, gently diminishing residue that could stick to the surface of the enamel, causing plaque buildup or worse, erosion. If you do choose a beverage that is sugary or acidic (most are, other than water), follow up with a water rinse to regain a healthier pH balance in the mouth.
  3. Prepare for the unexpected. Most trips that we take put us face to face with something we did not expect. Whether a road trip, a lengthy flight across several states, or even a day at the park, one of those unexpected situations that occur with great frequency is “dirty mouth.” You know what we mean, that feeling of your teeth and tongue being coated with who knows what. The inability to freshen up your breath no matter how many mints you pop. This problem can be handled quickly and easily if you have prepared, and by that, we mean that you have tucked a small bottle of antimicrobial mouthwash in a bag or your car. Additional items to stow away include a roll of floss and a travel-sized toothbrush or two.

We are here to see you through the summer months with personal, friendly dental care. Call (413) 781-7645.

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