Getting the Bright Smile you Want is Easy

Teeth whitening in Springfield, Ludlow & Westfield, MATooth enamel is susceptible to stains in the same basic way that it is susceptible to decay: food and drink. What you put into your mouth will affect your mouth in some ways. Several food products have been fingered as perpetrators of discoloration, but does that mean if you sip red wine through a straw or forego that morning cup of coffee that your chompers will stay bright and radiant for life? No. So don’t try. Enjoy all of your favorite foods, but know what to do about discoloration, so you go about it in the right way when the time comes.

Teeth whitening treatment is not new. In fact, it is something that developed over centuries of time. Because of the common nature of whitening our teeth, there is still a perception that this can be done without professional help. Here, we will touch on 3 of the reasons teeth whitening is a job for your dentist.

  1. Your dentist gets results. We don’t whiten our teeth for the fun of it. We do it because we want something; we want a brighter smile. Why waste time getting to the end goal? Many people do just that, by choosing commercial products or whitening toothpaste to lift stains. First, whitening toothpaste has no ingredient that removes stains. What it does have are tiny abrasive particles that polish the surface and make it appear brighter. That is if your teeth aren’t yellow. Second, only professional whitening solutions have adequate concentrations of peroxide ingredients to lift discoloration.
  2. Your dentist can get immediate results. What better than a bright smile than a bright smile that is yours in an instant? Patients of our Springfield practice can choose in-office teeth whitening with Zoom! or BriteSmile to get the radiant smile they want in about an hour.
  3. Your dentist knows what’s up. Because discoloration is such a prevalent problem, it is easy to think that all staining is the same type of staining. This isn’t always the way it is. Some stains are on the inside of the tooth. These intrinsic stains may not lift when you whiten your teeth. If you try to whiten without the help of your dentist, you might just believe that you are stuck with teeth that are discolored. When you visit your dentist, though, you will find the ideal solution. If not professional whitening, then porcelain veneers may give you a beautiful smile.

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