Finding Fluoride for Stronger Teeth

Fluoride is a word strongly associated with dental care and one that you’ve likely heard in your dentist’s office as well as on packaged products in the drug store. But do you know what fluoride is and why it’s important?

Fluoride is a mineral that is important for keeping adult tooth enamel strong. By regularly re-mineralizing your teeth, fluoride protects your teeth from potential weakening and decay.

For decades, dentists and the government alike have recognized the importance of fluoride on overall dental health. In fact, you may not realize, but fluoride is a popular additive to all public water supplies in the United States. By adding a small amount of this strengthening mineral to public drinking water, the government is insuring a greater level of public dental health.

However as more and more people move toward the consumption of bottled drinking water, important fluoride additives are lost and teeth are becoming weaker. It is particularly important for adults to continue to drink tap water to maintain healthy levels of fluoride for their teeth.

However, if this is not a desirable option for you, consider seeking out dental products with fluoride added to them. These products are widely available and not expensive at all. Purchase toothpastes and mouthwashes with fluoride added to be sure to maintain healthy levels of fluoride and strong teeth.

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