Enjoy Dental Crowns in One Appointment with CEREC Technology

CEREC One Visit Crowns Springfield, MARestoring the smile is sometimes needed when problems arise. This may include the fabrication and placement of dental crowns. However, in a traditional dental office, dental crowns can take an extended period of time to complete from start to finish—sometimes weeks. This is because the tooth is prepared, impressions are made, and then sent to a dental laboratory out of state to complete the restoration. Instead, the team at Taylor Street Dental provides solutions with technologically advanced solutions such as CEREC dental crowns.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a CAD/CAM system that takes impressions of the prepared teeth and uses their digitized status to mill restorations straight from a block of porcelain right in the dental office. This is incredibly fast, allowing patients to wait for their repairs and have them bonded in place during the same visit. This saves everyone time and money!

Are CEREC restorations effective?

Absolutely! CEREC restorations are just as beautiful and long-lasting as a dental restoration received from a dental laboratory, but done right in the office. This allows room for error, as well. With a traditional dental crown, if there is a problem with fitting the crown in place, another one must be made. In situations such as this, it may be a month or longer before the patient receives their treatment. However, CEREC technology makes this month-long process take an hour or less! The materials used to create restorations with our CEREC device are the same ones used by dental ceramists to create dental crowns, ensuring comparable quality and longevity between both CEREC-made crowns and laboratory-made crowns.

Look to Taylor Street Dental for your oral health care needs today!

Enjoy same-day dental crowns with advanced technology, only available at Taylor Street Dnetal. With years of combined experience, our team, including Drs. David Peck, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui, can assist patients in restoring their smile in just one appointment. Call the office to book your consultation appointment at (413) 781-7645 and visit 41 Taylor Street, 4th Floor. Our team welcomes new and existing patients ready for comprehensive dental care solutions.

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