Enjoy crowns in a day with CEREC technology in Springfield, MA

CEREC Crown Springfield & Longmeadow, MAThe process of obtaining a dental crown in most dental practices in the Springfield, MA area can be a long-winded process. In most cases, the timeframe from preparation of the smile to bonding of the new restoration can take several weeks. Luckily, the team at Taylor Street Dental have invested in quality devices that make creating and placing restorations a breeze—ensuring same-day repair for most patients in the pracitce. Our dentists are pleased to offer CEREC technology!

What is CEREC?

Creating dental restorations used to take a lot of time, but with CEREC technology available in our pracitce, most of our patients will be able to achieve results in a much faster method. CEREC is a special CAD/CAM device that is used to mill restorations out of blocks of porcelain while patients wait. The device uses 3D software to develop a precision restoration such as a dental crown, an inlay, an onlay, or even a porcelain veneer that will fit perfectly in the patient’s smile.

How does it work?

First, patients discuss their dental restoration needs with their provider. If a dental crown is needed, the provider will then prepare the tooth by filing down a good portion of the enamel on all sides of the natural tooth. Then, a special device is used to take a 3D impression of the prepared tooth. The dentist will match the patient’s natural tooth color with a block of porcelain, and the porcelain is inserted into the machine for the milling process. The new restoration can be created in fifteen minutes or less and can be bonded onto the tooth during the same appointment. Instead of weeks of waiting, patients can rest easy in the dental chair while their new crown is being made. Dental restorations made with CEREC are just as durable and beautiful as those made in an outside dental laboratory.

Discuss CEREC technology today with our dental providers at Taylor Street Dental

Drs. Peck, Grillo, Filip, and Valestegui of Springfield, MA are pleased to offer patients the opportunity to enjoy same-day dental restorations for enhancing their smiles. If you reside in the community and want to discuss the benefits of CEREC technology in the dental office, we encourage you to call (413) 781-7645 today!

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