Do You Want to Feel Better about Your Breath?

general Dentistry Springfield & Longmeadow, MABad breath is a common problem that creates a lot of self-consciousness. If you sense that your breath may be offensive, you may avoid speaking and smiling. Getting up close and personal with anyone feels more terrifying than exhilarating when you’re not sure how your breath smells. Bad breath is an issue for 1 in 3 people. It’s common. And you don’t have to live with it. Here, we discuss some of the ways you can feel better about your breath as well as an indicator that you should see your Springfield dentist.

Great Breath in 3 Easy Steps

Tooth Care

We could assume that every person who is worried about offensive breath is managing their oral care as best they can but we won’t. Here’s why: many people are in the dark about how they should brush their teeth. Many people also don’t floss on a daily basis. To take good care of your teeth and gums means that you spend a full two minutes with your toothbrush every morning and every night before bed. It also means that you take an extra minute or two to floss once a day.

Tongue Care

Tongue care is a critical aspect of oral care that we might forget. The back of the tongue is particularly susceptible to plaque accumulation and, as such, it may be a significant contributor to bad breath. When plaque forms a biofilm on the tongue, sulfuric compounds emit an odor that rides on the breath. This problem may also create a bad taste in the mouth. Removing plaque from the tongue is as easy as gently running a tongue scraper over the tongue from back to front.

Physical Care

The body relies on water to function correctly. When we become dehydrated, even minor functions such as saliva production may be stunted. Staying hydrated is an integral aspect of physical care that directly supports oral health and fresh breath. When you sip water frequently, there is less of a chance for debris and bacteria to accumulate on and around teeth and form odor-causing plaque.

Your Springfield dentist is your best ally against bad breath. Schedule a checkup and cleaning with Dr. Peck at (413) 781-7645.

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