Do I Need a Filling or a Crown?

If you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or has extensive tooth decay you will likely need a filling. However, in some instances you may also require a dental crown. Crowns are devices that are manufactured specifically for your smile. They fit over your damaged tooth and can be made to match the shade and shape of your existing tooth.

dental crownsCrowns offer additional protection against future damage or decay of the tooth and are perfect for those teeth with large holes to fill in along the enamel’s surface. Dr. Peck will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and mouth to determine the best treatment option for your smile.

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities and are also created to match the existing color of your tooth. When you have a cavity, it’s important to get fillings in order to stop decay from spreading and to maintain the strength of the tooth.

Dr. Peck will help you choose which option is best for maintaining the health and beauty of your smile. Contact us for a consultation today.

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