Dental Implants in Children: Is it Possible?

Ideally, dental implants are the top choice when it comes to replacing natural teeth.  Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, parents often ask us whether or not their children can get dental implants after their child’s permanent tooth is knocked out in sports injuries or simply out of an unfortunate accident. There are also cases in which massive tooth decay leads to loss of permanent teeth in children.

Sufficient Jawbone Growth

All things considered, one’s jawbone needs to completely mature before dental implants can be placed. Proper alignment is greatly achieved when there’s sufficient jawbone for the implant to hold on to. In children, jawbone maturity is achieved at a later time —  at least 17 years of age for boys and between 15 to 17 years old in girls. If an implant is placed before the jaw bone has fully grown, it may hinder jaw growth and stop the surrounding natural teeth from growing into their natural positions.

If your child has not achieved sufficient bone growth upon assessment, Dr. David Peck will help you explore other tooth replacement options until your child is ready to have dental implants.

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