Dental Bridges Provide Patients with a Solution for Missing Teeth

Dentists in the community of Springfield, MA are here to provide patients with ways to achieve and maintain better oral health and wellness. However, when problems such as tooth loss arise, patients may feel overwhelmed at the options available to them for fixing the aesthetic and functional issues that can occur. At Taylor Street Dental, we are pleased to provide a variety of options to our patients, including dental bridges.

How do dental bridges work?

Patients who are faced with the idea of tooth replacement will often find dental bridges to be a wonderful solution for them. These restorations are made of ceramic to match the patient’s existing teeth. They include false teeth that are known as pontics fused to dental crowns. The adjacent teeth from the space left behind are used as a support to hold the bridge in place. The bridge can replace one or more teeth in a row in a simple and more permanent solution than traditional partial dentures. They are also less costly than other options such as the placement of dental implants. With dental bridges, patients can restore the functionality of their smile as well as the beauty.

How do patients obtain a dental bridge?

Before patients have a dental bridge created and placed, they are encouraged to speak with the team of Taylor Street Dental to discuss their options. Some patients may be better suited for a partial denture or a dental implant depending on their specific needs. Patients who choose to move forward with the dental bridge will have preparations made to the adjacent teeth, such as removal of a thin portion of enamel. Then, impressions are made and used for the fabrication of the dental bridge, which is created from porcelain that matches the patient’s smile. A temporary may be put in place while the new restoration is being made in a dental laboratory. After about a week or two, patients return to the office to have their new dental bridge bonded in place.

Learn more about dental bridges today!

Schedule a visit with the team at Taylor Street Dental to discuss your options! Our practice can be reached for an appointment by calling (413) 781-7645.

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