Catch Decay Early with Dental X-Rays

While some patients may be anxious about receiving dental x-rays out of fear of unnecessary radiation exposure, it is important to realize that dental x-rays are completely safe. In fact, dental x-rays are one of the most important tools that your dentist has to identify tooth decay in its early stages.

When you visit Dr. David Peck’s office you can expect to receive both bitewing and an annual panoramic dental x-ray. These x-rays can be taken easily, from your dental chair. Your x-rays will be taken as soon as you arrive for your visit so that they can be available for your dentist to review with you before you leave. Your dentist may recommend follow up treatment based on your x-ray results.

Although they are completely safe, you should notify your dentist if you are pregnant or have any other underlying health conditions as these may affect your ability to receive a dental x-ray.

X-rays are the best ways to identify conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, infection of the teeth or gums, jaw alignment, facial bone malformations or tumors and abscesses.

Don’t let an important dental concern or condition go unaddressed because you’re unsure of exposing yourself to dental x-rays.  Contact Dr. David Peck for more information regarding dental x-rays today.

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