Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Springfield, MA Throughout history, the way that dental problems have been approached has changed on a consistent basis. We are fortunate to have so many technologies and techniques at our disposal today, all of which revolve around making dental care more precise and more comfortable. If you visit Taylor Street Dental in Springfield for cosmetic or restorative care, you may hear us talk about laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry is not necessarily a sub-specialty of dentistry; it is a group of techniques that are made possible through the use of particular laser devices. Laser equipment has been developed to treat both hard tissues (teeth and bone) and soft tissues in the mouth. We are proud to give our patients the option of laser dentistry so they may obtain the benefits that stem from such techniques. These include:

  • Better comfort. One of the reasons why people feel anxious about seeing the dentist is because they perceive certain treatments as uncomfortable. This may be especially relevant if the gums are the focal point of care. Lasers work quickly to achieve the intended effect, whether that is to detect a cavity, prepare a tooth for treatment, or reshape the gums. Patients often tolerate treatment without the need for local anesthetic.
  • Better tissue preservation. The precision of pinpoint beams of light means that there is very little disruption to soft or hard surfaces. We “touch” what needs to be touched and that is all. The conservative nature of the laser could mean that stitches are not needed after certain procedures.
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling. Part of the post-operative recovery guidelines for contouring and surgical procedures involves management of bleeding and swelling. Laser devices work differently than traditional scalpels. They don’t just “cut,” lasers also cauterize, which means that blood vessels are closed off to reduce bleeding. This dual-action creates a gentler overall process that results in less swelling than traditional procedures.
  • Expedited healing. The reduction in bleeding, swelling, and infection risk brought about by the multi-effectiveness of laser procedures translates into a shortened recovery period with little risk of complication.

Taylor Street Dental is proud to offer the latest technologies to make your visits that much better. Call (413) 781-7645 to schedule your visit.

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