3 Reasons Your Gums Are Swollen

Throughout your life, particularly if you’re a woman, you may noticed that your gums are swollen (and sometimes bleeding!) at certain periods. Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, we aim to educate our clients that gum inflammation is something that should be taken seriously and should prompt anyone to see the dentist right away.

Here are three possible reasons your gums are swollen and bleeding:

1. It has to do with sudden hormonal changes.

Women who are pregnant, women who are taking hormonal pills,  and adolescents who are going through puberty are susceptible to swollen gums due to sudden increase of progesterone which tend to increase the permeability of the gum’s blood vessels.

2. An increasing amount of plaque has accumulated in between your teeth.

Too much plaque accumulation in between your teeth and gums could result to too much bacteria making your gums swell and bleed. Brushing alone won’t help hence the need to see us right away so we can take steps to remove plaque.

3. You have an existing disease or condition such as diabetes, cancer, and certain autoimmune diseases.

Periodontal Dentistry in Massachusetts

Let us help you figure out why your gums are swollen and bleeding! If you live around the Springfield or Boston, Massachusetts area, schedule an initial consultation with our dental team.  Call us at (413) 241-3264 or fill out this contact form. Dr. David Peck is known for results!

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